In 1999, David Ibsen of Collaborative Information Networks, Dan Saunders, Joe and Jeff Acker and a host of others were involved in the TriSmart project, a proposal to create a technologically-smart community in the municipalities of Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County.  When funding was not approved, we were joined by David’s wife Carole and continued on to work with MLA Doug Horner on Uniting for Children and Youth Network.  In 2003, we were joined by others to form FACTS, (the Family and Community Twining Society).  FACTS is a non-profit society whose primary purpose is to provide a structure for semi-autonomous networks which share information and resources on topics of common interest.

In 2006, we began hiring summer students, in partnership with other organizations.  We continued to work with these organizations on an ad hoc basis until 2008, when FACTSnet was created in conjunction with the Centralta Tourism Society.  Since 2008, we have hired summer students through Government of Canada programs (Canada Summer Jobs, and Young Canada Works). In 2015, we also had the opportunity to take on student interns through SCiP (Serving Communities Internship Program) run by Volunteer Alberta and funded by the Government of Alberta. 

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