Participation in FACTSnet

FACTSnet is a blogger interface. Therefore, it allows for participation in the networking system and on various other levels. We encourage both in-person and network participation through several different positions:
  1. Commenters – Because we encourage dialogue and multiple levels of input, anyone with Internet access can comment and vote on any blog. However, whether you are able to gain public access is dependent on how the blog is set up.
2.   Authors – To write your own blog post, and contribute directly to, you must be invited to be an author of a blog by an administrator.
3.                 Administrators – Are network editors that can post on any blog, edit other posts, and delete inappropriate comments.   Blog authors can become administrators by being certified, and an existing administrator providing permission and an invite to said author.  
4.   Coordinators – individuals who manage one or several blogs and can start new blogs in their network. Coordinators need to be at least 18 years old as they need to make value judgments. Coordinator training also includes an internship, with a certified trainer.
5. Facilitators - work with coordinators, to facilitate dialogues through online and  offline conversations, meetings and events mostly by finding facilities for these activities.  
6.  Advisers - are usually experts and advise on network development in their area of expertise.
6. Trainers - are coordinators who have background in training others, and are certified to train authors, administrators, coordinators and facilitators. 
7. Consultants - provide consulting for network participants and FACTSnet development.  Consultants that charge for their services can register with CIN Consulting. 
8.  Sponsors - can participate in a variety of ways. For more information on sponsors, email

To move from an author, to an administrator, to consultant, to dialogue facilitator requires a three-hour training session at each level.  For more information, email

1 comment:

Tri Heritage said...

So realistically the only difference between a Coordinator and a Trainer is teaching experience? Can any coordinator become a trainer or does a trainer need some other special certification.

Also, it should be noted that all coordinators must be over the age of 18 because there are responsible for making the value based judgments talked about below.